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Warding off the Spring Solstice - a poem by Wendy Webb - United Kingdom

Wendy Webb -  a poet from the United Kingdom
Wendy Webb - UK

Warding off the Spring Solstice - a poem by Wendy Webb - United Kingdom

They said there’d be blue skies airing,

They said there’d be pieces of sky.

They said death’s not death by chocolate,

They said it’s about today.

They said, you have an opinion,

They said you must wall it out.

They said that the sun grows brighter,

They scored family time and fun.

They said words were always budding,

They wrapped you – not in arms, but words.


I say that the garden’s blooming,

All my infants are dancingly proud.

I say, bud and bloom fades quickly,

Flowers live, and then flowers die.

I say, all my walls are posies,

Speaking eloquently what you don’t see.

I say, moon/stars/solar friendships,

Thunderous rain clouds my mates for years.

I say I’m alone/bereaved/these ailments…

Drenching downpours intone, True chums.


One full month of outrageous fortune;

Two manic days, relatives rushing round.

Doctors busy, hope/depression/organise,

Hospital corridors our familiar friends.

Treading softly – who apprehends this?

Minor emergency; phone screams, Now.

Much too late, here, to speak of Easter,

Morticians/ritual/last wishes/flowers.

They said, Doctors need a pay rise;

I say, leave me peace to grieve.




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