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About Us


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hailing from the diverse cultural landscape in Canada, Seagulls Post is an independent magazine that serves as a bastion of literature, culture, and intellectual communication. It distinguishes itself as a publication that transcends borders, with a vision aimed at enriching both the 

contemporary and future human experience. 


Policy and Principles: 

    Seagulls Post proudly upholds a commitment to respecting all 

religions and beliefs, opposing any form of promotion that could incite ethnic or racial discord.

Seagulls Post is not related to any political or partisan



The Objectives: 

     Seagulls Post is dedicated to several key objectives:

- Serving as a platform that celebrates and promotes achievements of writers and Artists.

- Fostering  exchange of knowledge, with a focus on promoting cross-cultural communication.

- Serving as an independent platform that focuses on cultural rejuvenation, human awareness, and genuine communication. 



Seagulls Post focus on:

• Poetry

• Prose

• Art

• Translation


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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