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‘Things fall apart. The centre cannot hold’

Updated: Jan 17

Roger Stennett - United Kingdom
Roger Stennett


‘Things fall apart. The centre cannot hold’

By: Roger Stennett - United Kingdom

W. B . Yeats said it, way back then in 1920.

And now, years on, it is more so.

What ‘beast’ its time come,indeed slouches

Towards Jerusalem to be born

In this ‘Second Coming’ of what ?

No Shepherds. No stars.

No prophecy. No candlelight in Mangers.

This Second Coming’s labour pains

Are long and loud and tortured

No natural birth. No Yoga breathing.

No water birth or slip and sliding

‘Just one more’ . No this Second Coming

Breaches into the world, causing pain

And destroying Joy. not creating.


Who even knows the face we might see

Finally when mucus and blood are wiped

And what eyes might stare back at us

From soiled swaddling clothes ?

We live in Anarchy. No question anymore

Certainty walked out of the door

Decades ago, leaving a void

Too broad to bridge. An abyss too deep.

Beware. As Nietzsche once said

‘Beware, if you peer into the Abyss

The Abyss also peers back into you’

And it’s true. Malign eyes have seen us

And ‘marked our card’ . Trusted institutions

Have betrayed us. Church and State.

Things and people who once did ‘good’

Sing and dance to a very ‘different tune’.


Meanwhile inside the modern Manger

Moans can be heard.

No Caesarean birth is possible

‘The Second Coming’ is announced in pain.

Pain is its mood music. Pain its theme tune.

Each day I wake with even worse news

Emblazoned across the media

Imagine what we are yet to see

When finally the child of ‘our times’

Is finally delivered and its chord cut ?

The Apocalypse smiling back up at us

From a midden. From soiled straw

Blood and shit stained. Monstrous.

What ‘Mooncalf’ ? What ‘Changeling’ ?


No ‘Second Coming’, really.

Rather the first arrival of a different ‘child’

Indeed, ‘What rough beast, its hour come

Round at last, slouches towards Jerusalem ?

Roger Stennett




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